A Scouse Press reprint of the 1884 account by Dicky Sam The inhumanity of the African Slave Trade can never be excused, merely put into historical perspective. Since the beginning of time, those with absolute power have always enslaved other human beings - and are still doing so. Arabs were the pioneers of organised slavery, turning it from a trade into a fine art, first enslaving Nubians and then members of any African tribes within their reach - at the same time inveting hostage-taking as a 'legitimate' weapon of warfare.

Now available online, the best-selling iconic souvenir of Liverpool: the miniaturised purple wheelie-bin! On your desk-top for pencils, pens etc, in the kitchen for tea-bags, celery sticks, parked outside your doll’s house, the possibilities are endless. Just 15cm tall, they make fabulous gift boxes, and can be filled with sweets or even jewellery.

Paris, London, New York……and now, Liverpool! A panoramic view of beautiful Liverpool is available for framing or colouring in. Drawn by a Scouse artist, it features the iconic waterfront, The Beatles, the Superlambanana and many famous buildings, plus some surprises for you to discover. The poster is on high quality paper, rolled in a plastic tube and packed in a rigid cardboard tube for just £9.99 including p&p.