Welcome to Scouse Press

Scouse Press was established in 1965 by Fritz Spiegl and is Liverpool’s oldest publisher of books and historic maps of Merseyside. These include the famous Liverpool Packets series and “Lern Yerself Scouse” phrase book for visitors and locals alike.  We also supply some of Fritz’s own nationally published books on music, language, football, and medicine! All prices include postage and packing.

The press is now run by Ingrid Spiegl and Claude DePussy. There is no shop but it is possible to buy online. Below, you can find links to our many products, sign up for our email list and read our blog.

We don't just publish books!

Aside from books we also sell a few unique and popular gift items. These include miniature wheelie bins, an umbrella with the Liverpool skyline and an illustrated map of the city.

  • Wheelie Bins

    Now available online: the best-selling iconic souvenir of Liverpool: the miniaturised purple wheelie-bin

  • Liverpool Skyline Umbrella

    Now available online: the collapsible umbrella highlighting iconic Liverpool landmarks.

  • Illustrated Liverpool

    Now available online: drawn by a scouser, a personal view of Liverpool, on quality paper, and ready for you to customise and / or frame.

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Binmania: Our Wheelie Bins, Featured on City Talk